Client Testimonials

Thank You

Thank you for opening my eyes to new ways of thinking about my life. I feel like I have new tools to help me navigate every day life and am working towards some long put off goals.

- "J", former client

Life Changing

Michele's work opened my eyes to what my responsibility was for my current situation and helped me make a plan to move forward to the life I want.

- "A", current client

So Easy To Talk To

In a world where no one seems to listen, Michele takes the time to really listen to me and then helps me determine new paths rather than just telling me what to do.

- "T", current client

Pulls no Punches

Pulling no punches, but with a maximum of kindness, Michele is a model of sensual and self-confronting honesty. She speaks to the part of you that "knows better" but sometimes gets overwhelmed. A great coach for living life fully!

- Patrick M

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